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About North Texas Locations

Dallas Brahma Kumaris has been serving the local communities in the DFW Metroplex & surrounding states since 1999.

The meditation center started in Carrollton and then relocated to Farmers Branch in 2008.

We have since branched out to Pilot Point, TX which is a retreat place. 

brahmakumaris dallas

Spiritual approach in daily life

Brahma Kumaris teaches a practical meditation called Raja Yoga that helps people experience inner peace & cultivate inner strength and values in their daily lives.​

This spiritual approach is also brought into corporate, women, environment, education, health, family, and in other community settings.


*Courses by appointment/call/online registration.

BKWSO was established as a USA charity in 1977 and charges no fees for any of its activities, being funded solely by voluntary contributions.

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